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Investors understand the need to diversify their investments into different asset classes. While essential, this precaution is no longer sufficient, especially if these investments are grouped in one country or region. In other words, one must, while diversifying, go beyond borders as well as across asset classes. And what better destination, for your assets, than tax-friendly systems?The mere idea of ​​opening an offshore bank account in a tax haven often raises questions, though; sometimes even suspicion. For a long time, multinationals have stopped hesitating to create offshore accounts via dedicated subsidiaries, but individuals still have reservations when it comes to opening a personal offshore account.

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儘管如此,任何擁有經驗豐富的投資者若願意走出國際投資都會想知道如何在國外開設賬戶。其實開設海外戶口並不複雜,但還是有根據一個人的國籍和計劃投資的國家而呈現出不同的困難的狀況。海外賬戶的開立總是受制於幾個條件, 其中是取決於適用於每個的稅法,但它可能是完全合法的。與許多被認為更令人放心的替代方案相比,開設海外銀行賬戶甚至可能對一個人的資產更安全,更有利可圖。

Nonetheless, any seasoned investor willing to go international will have to wonder how to open an account abroad. The question is simple, but the answer will present variable difficulties depending on one’s nationality and the country in which one plans to invest. The opening of an offshore account is always subject to several conditions – depending on the tax laws applicable to each – but it may be perfectly legal. Opening an offshore bank account may even prove to be safer for one’s assets and more profitable than many alternatives that are deemed more reassuring.


Just as all banks do not offer the same products, one must choose the offshore bank that will suit his or her projects and ambitions. A lot of information about the advantages of different banking systems is available on the internet and, it is now even possible to open an offshore account online, allowing everyone to overcome geographic distances.

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Harvey Law Group 由商業和移民律師等組成,並在您身邊為您提供建議,並確保您的申請、法律行動或您打算採取的任何步驟的有效性和合法性。 Harvey Law Group (HLG) 由國際律師 Jean-Francois Harvey 於 1992 年創立,擁有近 30 年的服務經驗。我們公司的國際影響力使我們能夠支持您的項目和業務的發展。我們的團隊非常熟悉他們所在的市場,我們專門從事商業法、公司法和移民法的律師都接受過內部和私人執業培訓,他們可為您提供獨特和個性化的專業建議。我們可以一起優化您的國際知名度!

Harvey Law Group is composed of business and immigration lawyers, among others, and is by your side, to advise you and ensure the validity and legality of your applications, legal action or any step you intend to take. Founded in 1992 by international lawyer Jean-Francois Harvey, Harvey Law Group (HLG) has close to 30 years of experience serving your interests. The international presence of our firm allows us to support you in the development of your projects and of your business. Our team is perfectly familiar with the markets in which they are established, and our lawyers specializing in business law, corporate law, company law, and immigration law have been trained in-house and in private practices, and they offer you unique and personalized advice. Together, we can optimize your international exposure!

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