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Should you be a provider of immigration-related services, an attorney, or an agent, we invite you to register on to commence your lead generation at no cost. For first-time registration, kindly ensure you have the following documents on hand:

  1. Proof of Company Registration
  2. Personal Identification Verification
  3. Professional Accreditation (e.g., License of : Attorney, Immigration Consultants, Real Estate Agents, etc.)

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Why immiDaily

immiDaily stands as Hong Kong’s most consulted platform for immigration information, boasting over 10 million exposures on Google Organic Search. Our content has been accessed by over 2.5 million visitors, each spending an average duration of over 5 minutes perusing in detail. For the majority of immigration-related keywords, our platform consistently maintains a top 5 ranking on the Goolge search results first page. Our readers frequently opt to directly contact our partners via immiDaily, leading them to successfully find the suitable immigration-related services they seek.

Partnership Guidelines:

We exclusively onboard businesses that are credentialed to offer immigration-related services. This includes, but is not limited to, immigration lawyers, immigration consultants, overseas real estate services, immigration logistics, overseas education, tax advisory, asset management, and more. Upon becoming a partner with immiDaily, there’s an incumbent responsibility to address queries posed by the our readers, providing pertinent answers.

Collaboration Scheme:

As an equitable, transparent, and public information platform, our primary traffic is derived from article publications. We do not advocate for revenue-sharing partnerships. Instead, all partners contribute a fixed monthly fee, receiving in return the privilege of unlimited article submissions. This practice underscores our commitment to disseminating valuable, practical information and aiding the broader Hong Kong community. Furthermore, we operate without binding contract terms, allowing you the flexibility to initiate or halt your Lead Generation Process at your discretion. Rest assured, all articles or information submitted by our partners undergo rigorous review and verification by the immiDaily team.

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How to join

Are you interested in contributing articles and initiating lead generation on immiDaily? Kindly submit the requisite documentation and express your interest in becoming an esteemed expert on our platform. Please forward your credentials to at your earliest convenience.

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