【HKICPA & CIMA】香港會計師到加拿大工作

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How to become a CIMA associate member (FOR HKICPA only)

Route 1

Join HKICPA and CIMA jointed organized “CGMA program”

  • Fast-track program for HKICPA members who qualified through HKICPA QP program
  • Eligible candidate will have 15 exemptions out of 16 CIMA exams
  • CGMA program: Take 1 workshop and 1 exam (Strategic Case Study Exam)
  • CGMA program cost: GBP 1,900 (including registration fee, annual subscription fee, strategic case study exam fee (one time), and 3day course

Route 2

Through exam route

  • Apply through the CIMA website
  • Eligible candidate will have 14 exemptions out of 16 CIMA exams
  • Take “Risk Management” Module + “ Strategic Case Study Exam”
  • Paid registration fee, annual subscription fee, each module exam fee
  • CIMA case study package revision materials

Practical experience requirement

  • A minimum of 36 months’ experience across the four knowledge areas, with a maximum of 60 months to be evidenced, for details please refer to below website page 7.  



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